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zero-theredwolf asked:

Is it really Jake's fault for not being there for his kids when his kids grew up so fast? Ocarina shows his son trying to get his dad, who he sees as immature and childish, to do things he sees as appropriate for an adult to do, but in the end he changes his mind. I saw it more of Jake's kids "growing up too fast." Jake is older, but he's a dog, and we all know dogs never really grow up. Maybe holding on to innocence isnt bad, it seems to work for Jake just fine.

 It’s true, its not really his fault. They are mentally older older than him, and he still doesn’t really understand how parenting really works.

lomeliposts asked:

In the "City of Thieves", the guy who says "MY JAMMIES!" after he gets his clothes ripped off looks like he is completely human. Does this suggest the fact that other humans could be simply hiding in disguise throughout Ooo? I hope to see this question answered with the development of the character Susan Strong, but I would like to know your thoughts as well.

Phil is a humanoid as stated by the wikia

Again we don’t even know Finn is truly human, or rather the writers dispute over whether Finn is really human. Phil himself comes back in other episodes including, “Holly Jolly Secrets pt. 2,” “Blood under the skin,” and “The Suitor.”

If he was a human, he wouldn’t be in plain site

goofygoldengirl asked:

I've noticed that there's a big theme with distant dads this season. We've already seen Martin and Finn, Jake and his kids, and now the poem Giuseppe wrote about his daughter. What do you guys think of this?

We’ve got a lot of messages about this in the past few days, most of which asking whether Jake’s distance from his kids makes him bad. The writers are definitely taking a close look at a bunch of fatherly relationships this season. Each one is different and deserves its own analysis to try and see what the writers are trying to say.

Jake didn’t have the opportunity to raise his kids for very long [as we pointed out before, he tried raising them for two days in Jake the Dad, but by the time those two days were up, they were already physically older than him].

At the end of Ocarina, we see Kim Kil Whan, already living with a woman and with a picture of his own child sitting beside him, talking about Jake exactly the way a parent would speak about their own child.


Their particular father-son relationship is almost inverse, and they’re struggling to accept that Jake is Kim Kil Whan’s father, when their relative maturity might make it appear otherwise. Kim Kil Whan appears to accept this at the end of the episode. Although Jake is goofy and not much of the ‘parent type’, he still cares a lot and means well.


The tension in Jake’s relationships with the rest of his kids hasn’t been quite so neatly resolved yet, though. The last we saw of TV and Jake Jr. showed them pretty angry with him for being late with the food to their party, and Kim Kil Whan beamed Jake away before they had the chance to talk.

We don’t know the circumstances by which Martin left Finn as a child, but all indications from his appearance in Escape From the Citadel show that he sees his own well-being as being more important than helping Finn. He manipulates Finn to heal his vaporized leg, offering what he knows full well is probably what Finn wants from him.


He then abandons Finn and Jake to deal with the Lich on their own as he tries to escape. Finn, of course, tries to keep him from leaving, and the writers don’t leave much ambiguity about Martin’s role as a father. His self-interest leads to negative consequences for his son.


We know from Giuseppe’s poem that he has strong regrets about something that happened between himself and his daughter. The poem is accompanied by a pretty morbid image of daughters apparently mourning their fathers.


"These are not my teardrops, daughter dear, but just the sheen of dew that lingers here. Past other fields where other fathers lie, who kept their daughters better far than I." We think this might mean that his daughter actually died, and he is left to mourn her instead.

We don’t know much about his circumstances beyond this poem, but Giuseppe appears to be a father that means well, as Jake does, who also couldn’t be the father that he had perhaps hoped to be.

Just judging by these few examples, the writers look to be saying that it’s tough to be a good parent, and there’s a lot of things that threaten to get in the way of that.

It’s tough to come to an absolute conclusion on what exactly the writers are trying to say here, though, when we still have only an incomplete look at the season. There’ll definitely be more episodes touching upon the fatherhood theme this season, with an episode following Finn and Jake’s parents before Jake was born on the way and [spoiler alert?] both Ice King and Marceline voice actors teasing the plot of an upcoming Ice King episode.


Anonymous asked:

On the episode "Finn the Human", how did the Litch not existing affect Marceline's ageing?

Marceline was born half demon/half human.

She stayed by Simon’s side as he perished under the weight of the bombs

Therefore, she never had the opportunity to get bitten by a vampire (and vampires probably also never existed)

read theories in the Marceline tag or on the Marceline wiki page for more information

Hi! I’m Steve [thespoonmissioner], and you can call me spoon! Jackie and Azusa picked me as the third admin for the blog.

I watch every new episode several times after it airs to make GIFs from it, and I’m looking forward to bringing to the blog some of the insight that I get from repeated watchings [and also some GIFs here and there]! I’ve already started a full series rewatch so that I can do the best job I can do.

Let’s talk some Adventure Time!


Anonymous asked:

Will you guys be at Otakon since you were at katsucon? Or am i confusing two different blogs?

We’ve been to Otakon many times in the past, but we’re skipping this year.  Maybe we’ll host a panel in the future!


Anonymous asked:

Can you guys tell as to why there is no Adventure Time at comic con this year?

There is a panel tomorrow at 11 am. You can view more on the schedule here

In additon to this there is also a quest going on for an LSP medallion which you can view on their instagram

As well as these two things there is an adventure time ball occurring today.

Please check the schedule for addition information here


Anonymous asked:

No offense to other posters, but why do you post some of the extreme and ridiculous theories that people come up with? Some don't even give you evidence to support their claims but you post it anyways. I'm just curious if it's for being fair sake or if you actually believe that they are possible? Or are you just entertaining the possibility?

Some of the extreme theories get posted because they’re so far-fetched that its interesting to see where they got it from. Most though are only posted because we have people resending it to the point of us just giving up and posting it, due to the amount of them being sent under anon—that’s only fair.


Anonymous asked:

what is with the food chain how dose it fit all the other stuff i ooo

The main thing about food chain in general is mainly because of its guest animator and director: Masaaki Yuasa

Just a little about him. He made Cat soup and other animations like tatami galaxy, ping pong, and an episode on space dandy.

In terms of it fitting into the story line, we could consider it part of the magic man things because magic man had a part, but I think this episode was mainly for the animation itself.

Emily tackles the top 5 Adventure Time conspiracies! These theories range from Finn the human being in a real life coma, Jake is actually Finn’s father, and of course the great mushroom war! Find out which theories hold up on this week’s Cartoon Conspiracy!

We were noted in the description of a Cartoon Hangover video by the same name as our blog!

She does a really good job of explaining what works and what doesn’t regarding each of her “conspiracies,” all of which are popular theories but a bit more general then what we talk about here,

Please check it out!

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