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sirnico72 asked:

Ok so I was watching the suitor then something really confused me. Now we've basically figured out Jake is more than likely JT dawgzone. But then I saw in the suitor that Brocko's great grandfather own a copy of one of his books. How did someone who is two generations older than Brocko, and Jake have a copy of that book? Jake could not possibly be old enough to have written it around the time Brockos great grandfather was alive. So how does he have a copy of the book?

Yeah. It seems fishy, particularly in light of Joshua & Margaret Investigations’ hint last week that Jake is actually pretty dang young [essentially Finn’s age] in total Ooo years.


In The Suitor, Braco opens this coffin during a voiceover in which he says he’s consulting “the man who knew best about her Majesty - father’s father. Amongst his most dearest possessions, he kept a book containing every secret of seduction through superficiality.” It would be a stretch to pretend that this book is not the book Braco’s talking about.

Braco says he’s 21 years old, and at the beginning of the episode, he’s sitting on his father’s bones. If those bones’ father had a copy of Jay T. Doggzone’s Mind Games, [barring time shenanigans] it probably wasn’t written by Jake.

We’ve only had one soft confirmation that Jake has a persona by the name of Jay T. Doggzone. In The Pit, he says ‘Jay T-’ before stopping himself in his introduction to Samantha.
On the other hand, in Reign of Gunters he tells Finn that he doesn’t take Mind Games seriously and that he only keeps it around for laughs, though in All the Little People, he stresses to Finn that “it’s all about the bu-bumps in your heart,” which does appear to match up with Jay T. Doggzone’s philosophies.


If Jake really does call himself Jay T. Doggzone, he doesn’t necessarily have to be the same Jay T. Doggzone. It could be a nickname he made for himself, having been inspired by the previous Jay T. Doggzone, author of Mind Games.
'Jay T. Doggzone,' which strongly resembles 'Jake The Dog,' might be an ancestor. Jake, Jermaine, and Joshua the dogs all have names beginning with J. It could be a family tradition.

Or hey, time shenanigans are always a possibility.

accidentalmushroom asked:

My theory pertaining to what the monster's deal was in "Joshua and Margaret investigations" and why it had all of the baby paraphernalia wasn't because it was a baby, but that it was expecting a baby. The monster was most likely nesting and searching for a host to have the baby. It's also likely that it could sense that J and M would be nurturing, protective parents who will stay together. This is why it didn't choose TT and her husband, who we know are now divorced.

We’re fans of this theory.

Unfortunately, we have no hard evidence that that’s what its ultimate goal was. It bit Joshua and then hung around a bit - if biting Joshua was all that it took to impregnate him, why did it stick around? It only busted open its portal and hopped through after Margaret found it and collected its venom. Why?

Margaret flat-out dropped the vial in shock when she saw Jake’s jig, so… what was the venom supposed to do? If the shapeshifter had stocked baby supplies, wouldn’t it have intended on raising its baby? Unless it wanted to gift those supplies to the surrogate parents.

The sinister laugh it gives after Margaret collects the venom is a pretty strong sign that that’s what it wanted all along. The venom is bright green, like toxic waste, so it’s not the puddle that Jake lands in after he’s born. As it stands right now, we can only speculate about what the venom would have done.

We think maybe it might have been designed to leave a scent so that the shapeshifter could find its child again [you’ll remember that Margaret tracked the monster earlier in the episode by following its similarly bright green blood]. It’s just a guess, but for now we think that connects all the dots and works well with what you said here. Hopefully we get another shot at finding out what’s going on.

I think people are misunderstanding the latest episode and Jake’s origin. I think it was just a story that Jake was telling Finn and BMO. While it does seem plausible that Jake is half demon due to his magic abilities and his darker side (i.e. his past life of crime), Jake hints that he made up the story at the end of the episode. Joshua tells Margaret that they shouldn’t tell Jake, she agrees, and Jake says they never told him. When Finn asks what they never told him, he says “I dont know, they never told me. Ha!” So, Jake doesn’t know his origin as his parents never told him, and he just improvised an interesting story to tell Finn and BMO. I’m not sure if this was already discussed, but it seems like people have taken hold to the idea that Joshua was impregnated by a demon. It looks like the wiki has adopted this idea as well, so i guess it’s law now. Its totally understandable, but the episode ending makes me second guess.

[submitted by PiccoloWeenie]

Hey! spoon here. I feel the need to preface this by saying that I cannot 100% refute your theory. We differ purely on interpretation of the ending sequence of the episode. Regardless, having also had trouble understanding the “they never told me!” exchange, I’m going to speak a bit about the way I see it now and why I decided to shelf my opinion for the one that I think AT watchers widely accept.

I think that if you ask most people, they’ll tell you that the story within the episode was NOT a story being told by Jake. We as viewers were given a genuine flashback to Jake’s birth - a flashback that Jake was not actually telling Finn and BMO.

Here’s the dialogue from the Treehouse, with the story cut out -




…and so they never told me? Joshua and Margaret JUST agreed to never tell him! So that means that Jake just said that, right? He said “AND”, so he’s continuing from when Joshua and Margaret agreed never to tell him!! And Finn is confused about them not telling Jake because Jake just TOLD THE STORY! Right?
That’s what I thought, but take a step back and look over this sequence again.

F: ‘Hey, did Mom and Dad tell you any stories about when you were born?’
J: ‘Well, it was a day like any other day… and so they never told me!’

Joshua and Margaret wanted Jake to believe his birth was normal, like any other day, so they never told him about his birth. Those sentence parts make complete sense, placed together as part of a context in which Joshua and Margaret didn’t tell him anything.

F: ‘Never told you what?’
J: ‘I don’t know! They never told me!’

The answer to Finn’s question, ‘Never told you what?’ is ‘how Jake was born’. Jake can’t answer that question because his parents never told him how he was born.

It’s a pretty vague exchange that definitely threw me for a loop at first. What does everybody else think? Does this make sense, or are you still unconvinced? Let us know!


Anonymous asked:

Is there any website were you can watch any full episode of Adventure Time, without paying, joining/creating accounts, commercials, or slowness?

(I can’t tell if this question is rhetorical or not)

the slowness might be the fault of your own computer/internet provider, and I don’t know of any streaming website that doesn’t have commercials

and the 2 free sites we use most often are and (you have to look up episodes by title rather than just “adventure time”)

I also personally use the Cartoon Network website to stream new episodes as they air

We get asked pretty darn often where we watch episodes, but we’re not doing anything special over here at atc

halfbakedfitness asked:

I think Finn is a plant. I only have a few obscure pieces of evidence. 1. In the episode where Finn finds his "father" both his "father" and the lich regenerate human tissue. Finn regenerates plant tissue. 2. He IS found in the forest. That's it please please if anyone has anything to support this contribute!

We think he regenerated a flower because of the grass sword’s influence on his arm right before it came off - but we go more in depth on that here!

Please do not submit fanmails if you want your ideas published!  We can’t/won’t publish fanmails!

Please send us an ask, or a submission (if you’re theory is too long to even try to fit in an ask) if you would like your ideas published!



Anonymous asked:

So, I have a theory about Marceline's mom. In "Bad Little Boy" Marshall Lee says "I'm the son of a demon and the vampire king". Technically, we could guess that since Ahh is basically the same as Ooh, only gender bent, that Marceline's mother was the Vampire Queen before her. This makes me think that Marceline's mother died in the Mushroom War, and maybe when Marcie was old enough she took over the title. What do you guys think?

Not really.  Although the possibility of Marceline’s mom becoming the vampire queen isn’t entirely out out the question, there certainly isn’t any hard evidence to support that she ever was a vampire/vampire queen.  We’re best off assuming she was human.

Marceline was not born a vampire, she was born half demon/half (probably) human.  Here’s what we know/can infer (from this post)

  1. Marceline was born a half demon (half human)
  2. Little Marcy does not have bite marks.  She is not a vampire.
  3. Farmworld Marceline was never bitten because she stayed by Simon’s (the corpse) side.  That’s why she aged into an old woman over the course of 1000 years.
  4. This means that Marceline was bitten when she was physically 18-22 years old.  We don’t know how fast she aged, but it might have been a century or two old when she was bitten and turned into a vampire

So what Marshall Lee is actually saying is that he is the son of a demon (HUNSON ABADEER) and that his (Marshall Lee’s) current title is the Vampire King

I know the the line is vague and phrased badly, but the alternative doesn’t make sense.

Here are 2 posts that have answered this question before:

and here’s the Marceline Tag which is chock full of origin stories:


Anonymous asked:

Im kind of mad about how Jerome just gets left out of things. Like where on earth is he and why doesnt finn or jake acknowledge him?

We haven’t heard anything about Jermaine except that he isn’t dead, and he’s definitely an open-ended mystery in the show. We expect to see him pop up sometime, either in the present or showing some more that happened to him in the past.

We know after Joshua & Margaret Investigations that he is the biological child that Joshua and Margaret gave birth to at the same time that they received Jake.

He also popped up in in Crystals Have Power, in which Jake feels guilty about a time when he knocked Jermaine out in their youth. Jermaine pops up in one of Jake’s dreams to forgive him, specifying that he isn’t dead.

We don’t know why Jake and Finn are closer with each other than they are with their brother Jermaine. Maybe it’s their penchant for violence and righteousness, but we think we’ll find out someday.

Jake the Dog’s Genetics {Spoilers}

We’ve received a lot of asks about where Jake’s powers came from, and what Jake is, after Joshua & Margaret Investigations aired this week. These posts from peachberrylove and adventuretitan basically sum up our thoughts about it, so it would be a waste to re-write what they put here. A heads’ up, though, there’s some curse words under the Read More.

Read More


Anonymous asked:

Flame Princess was mentioned in Joshua and Margarets Investigations. That would make her 30, since it was Jakes Birthday 30 years ago. Did they just Change her age to destroy any hopes that she and Finn will get a nother shoot?

Not quite! We have a pretty hard date on Flame Princess’s age, from Earth and Water.


The flashbacks to Jake’s birth are never given an exact date in the episode, and are actually implicitly dated within the past 15 years by the mention of Flame Princess.

Jake’s age [28 in season 1] is given in terms of magical dog years. In light of his birth taking place after Flame Princess’s, it appears he might even be younger than Finn, in Ooo years. This isn’t an exact science, but Flambo introduced Jake to FP after Jake asked him whether he knew any “princesses Finn’s age.”


Anonymous asked:

How do you guys go about answering people's question. Do you choose the ones you feel are necessary to answer or some other reason behind it.

If you’re really worried your your ask not being published, you can send it again (not right away, please, wait a few weeks), and we’ll put more precedence on it.  It also helps to submit things off anonymous.

There are a couple different ways we decide what to publish and in what order

  1. We choose them based on how relevant they are.
    For example, this week’s episode was “Joshua and Margaret Investigations,”
    so it would make sense to publish asks on Joshua and Margaret when that is the most pressing topic.  If we publish some potentially groundbreaking theory on something else, then we’re receiving asks that are both about the most recent episode AND the impressive theory.  It get’s to be very disorganized and confusing and it leads to repetitive posts.
  2. We choose not to answer anonymous questions that can be solved with a quick google search or a search on our blog.  Our followers don’t deserve the repetition and for many of them, that ask might already cover something that is common knowledge.  We’d rather direct our attention to questions which are more suited to the theme of our blog.  However, if you send a question like that to us and you’re not anonymous, we’ll almost always private answer you back.
  3. With that being said, if we receive something that has already been answered/covered on the blog (usually that means recently and it’s easy to find), and it doesn’t offer any new ideas, AND we won’t be able to use it to expand on the topic, then we will not publish it.
  4. We save up some asks to be used in bigger write ups, so therefore they won’t be published individually.
  5. Sometimes the questions require a bit more work/research on our part, and we save them for later.
  6. A lot of questions/theories we receive are baseless and silly and really don’t have a place on the blog.  Sometimes we’re not even sure if theories like those are jokes or not.  We’ve even received asks that say, “I don’t understand why you published _______, it doesn’t  make any sense.”

Anonymous asked:

In Joshua & Margaret investigations among their arsenal is a pokéball... Do you think it's actually a multidimensional trap or just a fun cameo?


We think it was a pretty fun nod to Pokémon that you should feel free to interpret as a multidimensional trap in the Adventure Time universe!
We don’t expect the item to feature again in any future episodes, though. It seemed like something fun for the writers to toss into the background of one episode but might cause a legal hurdle or two if they ever spend time explicitly defining that tool as functionally similar to a Pokéball.

Not that they couldn’t work out the legal mumbo jumbo and bring it back. They definitely could. But even if they never do, we’ll be having fun with some AT/Pokémon headcanons nonetheless!

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