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sirnico72 asked:

I've been wondering for a while. In the episode "Ghost Princess" we find out ghost princess is one of the ghosts that has been wandering the graveyard "longer than anyone" implying they're old. And the war flashback shows that that it must have been around an farther back time. But jake is already alive by the time Clarence died. Meaning either Clarence lived a really long time. It wasn't really as long as we think it is. When do you think ghost princesses death actually took please time wise

We figure it means Clarence lived a very long time. Like you said, Jake is alive to see Clarence die from gorging on softy cheese at a convenience store.


While it’s possible that there are medievally feuding kingdoms in modern Ooo, like the circumstances under which Warrior Princess became Ghost Princess:


We trust the testimony that Ghost Princess has been dead for “longer than almost any” of the ghosts living in the cemetery. When her neighbor says that, Ghost Princess says he’s right and starts to cry.
Given that we accept her age as true, and that Jake was alive to see Clarence die, unless all the other ghosts died recently as well, that means Clarence was alive for a long time after her death.


Anonymous asked:

Is the rumor true that Finn is going to give birth at the end of this season?

I’m assuming you work on the show and are selecting the most unbelievable thing that happens at the end of this season, baiting us into saying that it won’t happen, so we’ll get it wrong.

But I’m on to your game. Taunting us with your futureknowledge.
So yes. Finn will give birth this season, just like Joshua did.


Anonymous asked:

In "The Vault" would where Shoko dies be approximately where Finn and Jake's tree grows, or do you think she would have been burried in a graveyard that the tree grew out of?

Here are two posts that will help

The short answer: the tree where Shoko died became the Tree House—it’s likely that someone found the body and reburied it (credit: virotesfavoriteart)


Anonymous asked:

I really like the Shoko character -past life of Finn's. Do you think they'll make more episodes showing earlier parts of her life -maybe not just in Finn's memories, but crossing paths with other characters around at that time (Marcy, Simon, Mo...?)

Sometimes we’re able to tell if characters will make a comeback, sometimes not.

In most cases, many characters do reappear in Adventure Time.  I think a lot of it is left up to when the writers get the chance to add them in.  Who knows if we’ll see Shoko this season, next season, or (assuming AT is still going that long) a few seasons down the road. 

If there’s more of the old Ooo that writers need to show us, then I’m sure Shoko will come back.  If we’re right about Shoko’s corpse being buried in the Tree Fort rather than the tree growing right over top), then maybe we’ll find out who buried her.

We would definitely like to see more of Simon and Marcy’s earlier years, as well as more about Mo’s origins. 


Anonymous asked:

Do you think that Bravest Warriors might be either THE FUTURE of Adventure Time, or even happening at the same time as it? I mean, once we saw Finn's Father, and noticed the similar outfit he was wearing to what we see characters wear in Bravest Warriors, and his asking about "Space Ships", what do you think on this matter?

We’ve answered similar questions before over in the Bravest Warriors tag:

And while you do bring up an interesting point with the more recent episodes, I have just found an answer on Adam Muto’s formspring that says we shouldn’t expect Adventure Time to crossover with BW


Anonymous asked:

How do we know that that tree Lemonhope saw years in the future was for sure the Tree house? (Love this account btw)

Of course we can never be sure, but the Tree Fort is our best guess

  1. Its foliage resembles the Tree Fort’s
  2. It seems to be the right distance away from the Candy Kingdom (city)
  3. The Tree Fort has started growing again (x)
  4. If it wasn’t the Tree Fort, what purpose would a different tree serve in terms of plot?  What would the other tree be?  Has there been any other important trees in this series?
  5. The Tree Fort is something that is tied in with Adventure Time’s plot.  Not only is it a main setting, but we’ve seen how Shoko (Finn’s past life), Marceline, and other characters have made the Tree Fort an important part in their stories.

the-daft-hatter asked:

Honest question here. Marceline gave as a gift Finn and Jake the treehouse thus creating a legal (albeit verbal) contract. If the contract was legal in the eyes of the kingdom (I'm assuming candy kingdom here) how did Kim Kil-wan buy it? Also do we even know who he bought it from? As Marceline likes Finn and Jake why would she sell it to Jake's businessy-type son?

I know that this is Ooo, and that US law doesn’t necessarily apply, but, fun fact! In the US, verbal contracts are not always binding.

Check it (emphasis added): 

Under statutes (laws passed by legislatures) in most states called “statutes of frauds,” the courts will enforce certain contracts only if they are in writing and are signed by the parties who are going to be obligated to fulfill them. In most states, these contracts include:

  • any promise involving the change of ownership of land or interests in land such as leases;

And that’s not to mention, from the same source (emphasis also added): 

Q. What is a contract?
A. A contract consists of voluntary promises between competent parties to do, or not to do, something, which the law will enforce. These are binding promises, which may be oral or written. Depending on the situation, a contract could obligate someone even if he or she wants to call the deal
off before receiving anything from the other side. The details of the contract who, how, what, how much, how many, when, etc. are called its provisions or terms.
In order for a promise to qualify as a contract, it has to be supported by the exchange of something of value between the participants or parties.

Suppose that a friend agrees to buy your car for $1,000. That is the promise. You benefit by getting the cash. Your friend benefits by getting the car. Since it is your car, the sale is legal, and you and your friend have a contract.

Gifts are not binding. “I give you a treehouse and you give me nothing” is not a contract. And Kim Kil Whan is all over that, using the term ‘legal trade’ several times in the episode.

Marceline still retained ownership over the treehouse even after she let Finn and Jake keep living there. That was probably forward thinking on her part. It’s likely she’ll outlive Finn and Jake, and then she’ll still own it after they’re gone.

The opportunity came for her to recive a lunatic bass, though, and she decided not to pass that up. It’s a selfish move, but it’s totally within her rights to do so.


Anonymous asked:

At the end of ''The Tower'' episode, the tower falls onto the Candy Kingdom, and PB says something along the lines of ''AHH MY ARM!'' But in future episodes she is just fine and so is the candy kingdom. Is this a mistake of the writers or was it just a joke? Or is there some theory we need to discuss?

The general spirit of the gag was just to be a joke. Finn doesn’t have an arm, and PB’s interruption of his self-therapy causes HER arm to come to harm. Irony, and what have you.


But she is herself entirely candy-mass, so if something DID actually happen to her arm, it’s probably nothing that she and Science couldn’t fix. Remember the time she perfectly added five years to her biological age from spare pieces of her citizens.

The Candy Kingdom can [and needed to] be rebuilt as well.


Anonymous asked:

Do you know of any blogs like yours, but for Steven Universe? Thanks :)

Jackie, here!

I found/followed this blog the other day because I was in the mood for submitting SU theories somewhere, but I have not yet set aside the time to read through it or formally write up my thoughts.

However, it looks like it has a similar format to ours, and I think that fits what you’re looking for!

As far as I can tell, that’s the only of SU theory blog out there.  I suggest checking them out. 


Anonymous asked:

Was Breezy evil? Think about it, she wants Finn's flower, but did she have an innocent motive? Was just she a bee who wanted a flower, or did she know that Finn's arm still had a powerfull curse that she could use for herself. 1:40 of 'Breezy' she sings 'My heart it beats, oh so magical.'- Magical. She tries very hard to keep it alive, 8:35 she says to Finn 'Partake of my pollen crubmbles, and become my drone'. Sinister plan? She then gives Finn some good vibes and she winds up with the flower..

We all pretty much agree that Breezy simply up and fell in love with Finn’s flower. It was a pretty great flower, after all.


So, you could pretty reasonably argue that she was drawn to it because of its magic? But we don’t agree that she knew anything about its secret properties, or that she would have done anything evil with it when she had it.

There’s nothing particularly sinister about the flower to begin with, that’d suggest she could even use it to do anything besides grow a human arm from it.


She never really expresses any interest in doing anything besides sitting on it and pollenating or whatnot.

nonaym13 asked:

As far as Jake's possible death, i do believe thats not the case. What many dont realise is, whenever the Cosmic Owl appears in a dream, the future isnt given. The only thing that is shown, is what they need to know, to get their destiny in track. The Cosmic Owl was actually trying to contact Finn, through Jake, to tell him to keep and eye on Jake. Also, when the CO appeared directly in Finn's dream, he wanted him to go to Billy.(also, made fighting look like playing, as the bear ate that girl)

The evidence for Jake dying went beyond his croak dream in The New Frontier. There were a lot of ominous signs that we covered in this post.


Is he trying to freak US out?
This line aired one week before The New Frontier, and that intense focus set off red flags about Jake and dying maybe being a thing. Its foreshadowing may have been paid off when The New Frontier aired, or, with everything that’s happened, maybe it hasn’t been.

Giuseppe is Marceline’s REAL Father

Giuseppe’s poem was beautiful. It gave me chills. It affected my body a lot more than it should have. But more than anything, it really got me thinking.

"These, are not my teardrops daughter dear, but a sheen of dew that lingers here. Past other fields where other fathers lie, who kept their daughters better far than I.”- Giuseppe

First I thought, What can this poem mean? We know it is about fathers who were unable to care for their daughters because they died. Giuseppe must feel some grief and regret as a father figure. 

Then I thought, what is the significance of the poem? It ties with the parenthood theme that we have seen countless times this season. Giuseppe, or some aspect of him, will return, so how can this fit into the scheme of Adventure Time?

Finally, I thought of a possible connection. Marceline. 

Marceline, a little girl, was abandoned at the start of the mushroom war. Giuseppe’s poem talks about regret of abandonment. Giuseppe is Marceline’s real father. 

They both have the same skin tone. The people in Giuseppe’s poem also have the same skin color. Giuseppe is also an incredibly ancient being. (At least I assume this judging by his knowledge of magic and wrinkles.)

This brings up an issue though. What about Hunson Abadeer? 

I believe that Hunson Abadeer kidnapped Marceline and Giuseppe. They were in the nightosphere when the bombs went off, which is how Marceline survived the blast. Hunson then disposed of Giuseppe (although he returns 1000 years later) and claimed Marcy as his own daughter. He brainwashed her, making her forget about her true father. Marcy’s issues and moral differences with her father are because they are not blood related. Marcy isn’t evil like her father is. 

I admit it’s a stretch, but it’s definitely feasible. And plus, how cool would it be to find out that these two characters are related?

[submitted by Nate]

Under the same lighting, their skin tone actually isn’t the same.

This theory is certainly a conspiracy, all right. There’s so many parts that go against conventional knowledge that it’s tough for us to consider it very likely.

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