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Jake. The dog

I was watching the episodes “The Lich” “Finn The Human” and “Jake the Dog” over and over, when something hit me. What is Jake the dog is just Jake. The Dog. My evidence is a bit shaky, but its evidence none the less.

Jake is a magical dog, with stretchy powers, and yet in “Finn The Human” and “Jake the dog” he is powerless.

On to the actual theory part of this. I am trying to support the “Finn is in a coma” theory. I believe that if the entire show were in a coma, everything is portrayed as a wild fun dream, which explains the fact that everything can talk, even the ground, shown in “James Baxter”. Everything being able to speak is very illogical being that say nuclear radiation from the mushroom war were to allow animals to speak, how would they know english, being there were only 4 known survivors (Simon, Marceline, and Finn’s decedents) they couldn’t teach animals a language, especially fluently. 

If we take magic into play, then yes they could be re-animated, but what disproves this, is that in the episode “BMO Lost” Bmo is with a talking bubble, which though, could be magically alive, wouldn’t make sense being that a bubble wouldn’t be able to live thousands of years to when everything would’ve been brought to life, or given abilities to speak. The bubble also wouldn’t have been recently given life, as pretty much all wizards live in Wizard City, and the bubble said he’s been lost for days, which isn’t possible for a bubble to last that long, and you can test that by making a soap bubble in your bathroom, and leave it on the bathroom counter for 24 hours. it will dissipate.

And also in “Five Short Graybles” bmo tells his mirror self that he is a real boy, which for weeks, nearly months before, and at the time the episode aired, there was tons of news about scientists testing robots with mentalities, and consciousnesses, so they could know when its time to do their work. And also, it is obvious that BMO looks like a classic handheld game system, so a  early teenage boy would obviously love a great new technology that can tell, and respond to what you want, which was just cracked in technology.

There is also several instances of your average teenage problems, girl troubles (Flame Princess, PB, And kinda Marciline), annoying adults (Ice King, lemongrab, bad guys) helping out friends (helping princesses, and those who need help), popularity (princesses liking Finn, people practically praising him) and so many other things

I think the episode where Finn enters the Pillow Dimension proves alot of the whole “its a coma” theory. For starters, Finn also loses his left arm in that dimension, and in the theme song theres it a severed left arm in a tree stump, which could all stand to saying one of the main reasons he is in a coma or at least what was caused by the coma is that he loses his arm. Another thing is that the whole span in which events occur, he meets a girl, dates her, gets married, has kids, grows old, etc. This is the basics of love. Now what I find astonishing is that he found love. He is in a world completely different from home, he remembers his girlfriend at first, but forgets everything eventually, and lives life, almost as if a dream transition, and then he just forgets everything when he comes back. But back to the love part, he falls in love with a girl, and soon just forgets about that. It is scientifically proven that a person can fall in love in their sleep, and go through the process over and over again, through different ‘dreams’ as they still have the sense of love inside their mind. This could explain why finn was so easily able to transition his love from PB to Flame Princess. 

Now lets step back a second! If you want even more proof of this coma theory, lets look even closer at the pillow world episode. Finn lost his arm somehow in that world, what is strange is how he could lose a limb in such an environment, as it is all just pillows, a soft cushion, and that makes it even stranger. It’s all just pillows, how did finn get his metal arm? Well it is most likely from the outside word, as its been proven that people in comas, even if they don’t know it, are aware of their surroundings. Which helps explain why the arm comes up over and over.

Now how this is all relevant to Jake, well that is that I believe Jake, is an ordinary dog, and a dog is a boys best friend, and a dog, lives with you, goes everywhere with you, in some cases, fight for you, like a guard dog, and of course loves his food. Also a best friend always plays with you, talks to you about girls, and of course, when you need them, will help you, kinda like a superpower. See where i’m going with this?

Jake is portrayed as the friend since they were babies, and has powers, this power is, no matter how cliché it may sound,  the power of friendship. And not only does jake’s power symbolize friendship, it symbolizes it near perfectly.

Jake can stretch, and talk. People usually talk to their pets, even though knowing they cant respond verbally.

Then the stretchy power, which allows Jake to change shape, size, of his body, organs, and bones. This symbolizes friendship (near perfectly in fact) as no matter how, why, or what you need a friend for, they will try to help, doing the impossible to be there, changing their shape to fit a need.

Then there is also the aspect where Jake’s stretchy powers really symbolizes friendship through the famous quote “Friendship is not whatever you want it to be. Friendship is whatever you make it to be.” Do you see the connection? Jake can change his body to be just about everything, there is no need to ‘want’ to be anything, as he can make it true.

Finn in his coma, though a tricky subject, actually is more relevant, and possible then we thought. But then here is something that tips me off. What is magical dog years? On the wiki, it  says jake is 28 magical dog years old. In normal ‘dog years’ (quoted because dog years arn’t an actual set of time span, but just the speed of delevopment as dogs develop 7 times faster then humans) jake would be 4 human years old, but finn is 14, meaning that jake’d have to been much older, Magical dog years is something to be explained in newer episodes, or there is no such thing, and it proves finn is in a coma, and that Jake was just a dog he had since they were babies, and Finn kept him in mind through the coma, as they were best friends, but jake is just older, but of course, he is in a coma, we don’t know how long he was in one, so jake could’ve been 4 years old at the time he fell in the coma.

My final conclusion is that through EVERYTHING talking, technology, teenage problems, improbable injuries, love, and a magic dog, that Finn could very well be in a coma, as I have facts, although it is a T.V show, and the #1 thing to do, is the unexpected, so it could be all a coma, all just a figment of Ice King’s imagination, a nuclear fallout, jakes coma maybe, or just a kids show. Where yea, its just for fun.

But thats just a theory… A show theory! (man that just doesn’t work :P Im referencing the youtube show MatPat’s game theory if you didn’t know) thanks for reading


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We’re not going to comment on this bit by bit since it’s very long and complex, in addition to the fact that we’ve already confirmed the coma theory is not the case (cite: Pendleton Ward, himself).

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