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  1. Bruh you need to chill.  I’m assuming you’re the same anon who sent us repeated asks about Fionna just before these showed up.  We’re just 2 people and we don’t have a lot of time for this blog.  There’s no reason for you to send 3 messages in a row and then the rest of them over the course of a like 36 hours.  It’s very rude.
  2. There isn’t a straight forward answer to this but I will answer it just below to the best of my abilities.

Here’s the quote from the episode (“Beautopia”)

Jake: [Grunting] Almost… there… [At the top there is a furnace with straw that says “Light Fire Here.”] Oh, so I just toss it in here? Pretty straightforward. Okay, well, here I go. [Swinging the lantern] one, two, three… [The giant Lub Glub grabs his arm and roars] [In a trance] That reminds me of… my mother. [Jake struggles against the Lub Glub and tosses the lantern into the furnace.]

So the key words here are “in a trance”After a few minutes browsing on the wiki, I found a quote on the article Margaret (Jake’s mom) that helped to confirm what I was thinking.

In “Beautopia,” Jake sees the largest and most grotesque of the Lub Glubs and says with awe, “That reminds me of my mother,” a probable reference to the creatures’ resemblance to inkblots used in Rorschach psychological tests.

You could say “it reminds me of my mother” is a stereotypical answer to psychological tests.

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